Juniper Universal Edge Routers

Meet today’s network demands, remove network complexity, and win new business


Right now, Layer2 Communications can offer your organization an SDN-ready MX104 3D Universal Edge Router bundle that gives you 60 Gbps capacity at the 40 Gbps price.

Virtual Revolution. Real Profits.

Unleash services and products
with Juniper's MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers

The SDN-ready MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers are a modular, highly redundant and full-featured platform built for space and power-constrained service provider and enterprise facilities. It is designed to provide aggregation of enterprise, mobile, business, and residential access services, as well as deliver edge services for metro providers.

At a time when service providers are facing increased network complexity, rising costs and lower revenue streams:

  • Imagine your network inherently masking complexity to end users and to operators.
  • Imagine your network adapting on the fly to deliver experiences based on user preferences.
  • Imagine adding intelligent software to make existing hardware more efficient and versatile.

IDC White Paper: Customizing the Customer Experience

Find out why IDC believes that, with a high-performance network from Juniper, service providers can meet new levels of demand and provide customization that brings competitive advantage in terms of increased relevance, increased revenue, and increased asset utilization. Download White Paper

Powered by the Junos operating system and Junos Trio chipset, the MX Series provides a powerful broadband network gateway (BNG) that lets operators provision broadband services for today and tomorrow.

With its compact form factor it's ideal for distributed BNG deployments. The wide range of applications enabled by MX104 includes Metro Ethernet Aggregation, Mobile Backhaul Aggregation, and Residential and Business Edge functions.

Get an Edge

Juniper Networks, together with , have put together a cost effective solution for service providers to meet today’s network demands and remove network complexity.

Networks need to customize based on application and user demands. Current legacy networks are complex, manual, over-provisioned and inefficient at rolling out new services and offerings.

The SDN-ready MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers can help service providers reduce costs, improve operations and increase ROI.

Based on architectural simplification and cost reduction, your organization can adopt the new “Edge Anywhere” paradigm enabled by MX104.

Redundant Routing Engines

The MX104 supports hot-pluggable redundant Routing Engines (REs) for control plane redundancy.

Modular Design

MX104 provides four MIC slots, enabling a pay-as-you-grow model that provides optimal cost configuration based on traffic growth projections.

Edge Services Capability

The MX104 features Juniper’s award winning Junos Trio ASIC with a full set of edge services typical of the MX Series family: L2/L3 VPNs, DHCP, subscriber management, and multicast support.

Integrated Timing

The MX104 incorporates highly scalable and reliable hardware-based timing technology that meets the strictest LTE requirements for frequency and phase synchronization.

Right now, Layer2 Communications can offer your organization an MX104 bundle that will give you 60 Gbps capacity at the 40 Gbps price. Imagine that.


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